“Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field.”

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I do senior, family, wedding, engagemnet and graduation portraits to capture those memores for a lifetime.

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Lets capture your beautiful bump, grabbing a little snapsnap for your memories before your baby arrives.

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A photo shoot to capture the essence of your products, that helps you share your products with the world.


Hand Painted Silk Clothing

And Accessories

Unique Housewares

And Jewelry


Feather Art

Hanging Art and other Feather Dressed items


Party for the Senses

An event for small and large groups. Makes a great Team Building or Private Party

Sunny to the Roots!

Live Plants and garden items.

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Don’t let those years go by too fast. Let me take photos of your littlest ones, capturing those moments in time.

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I conduct full on family shoots, either portrait style – or at events like your reunion. You’re gonna love them!

Hand Colorized

Black and White Photography

Private Darkroom Classes

From Negative to a Paper Print

I’ll paint your life pretty colors!